"Money Can't Buy Love, But It Can Buy Crépes"

Healthy food made fresh to order.…Come along and share in our dream!

Established in 2012, Krafty Krépes is a reflection on a traditional Creperie from Northern France back in the 60's. The décor shouts traditional with dark wood finishes, smokey wall colors and minimalistic flooring. Chalkboard menus and retro style fridges complete the vision.

Using a traditional Brittany, France batter recipe, Krafty Krépes has designed a light, fun menu - healthy and fresh - all made to order. The open cooking area allows customers to watch their dish being made, communicate directly to the chef to ensure it is made the way they want it, while also functioning as entertaining area for children while they wait.

The objective of Krafty Krépes is to engage our customers, provide the very best in service, fresh healthy foods and an overall atmosphere of belonging. This mixed with the flavors of Europe and America mixed within traditional crépes ensures one visit will never be enough...

...Howaida, Tim, Leslie, Athena and Mike

Having the best food or the best-designed restaurant is nothing without good staff. Come in and meet our team...second to none in service and customer satisfaction. Oh! And they make the best crépes in town.